EYEVAN Inc.: 50th Anniversary of Establishment
A project to photograph 50 men wearing EYEVAN eyewear that started in 2019 to mark the brand’s 50th anniversary.
A photo book was created through photo sessions between a photographer, Kazumi Kurigami and various people representing Japan, including actors, business executives, and athletes.
We have had many connections with creators who are active both domestically and internationally, as well as people from other industries, and EYEVAN will continue to be a hub, disseminating culture and its charm to the world through manufacturing.

Take photos of 50 men wearing EYEVAN eyewear.
This project started in March 2019, and I photographed a variety of men, including actors, business executives, and athletes. What people wear changes depending on their job. It was interesting and I learned a lot from each shot to bring out the different atmospheres.
Some people want to be photographed in this way, but other are not used to being photographed. In that case, I may organize a session from my side. Instead of thinking about how to take a photo today, I was able to enjoy the feeling of inspiration when I held the camera and looked at each other.

How can I bring out the character changed by wearing eyewear. And how can eyewear enhance the man’s attractiveness. That is interesting. The person’s character is revealed through eyewear. If you do not normally wear eyewear, you will look different, giving off intelligence or coolness. Eyewear add depth to a man.

Kazumi Kurigami

Kazumi Kurigami
Born in Hokkaido in 1936.
Started working as a freelance photographer in 1965, shooting mainly in the fields of fashion and advertising.
He has photographed renowned artists and actors.
Recent publications including “April” and “Portrait”.

[Photo book]
Public on-sale date : 6th October 2023
Price: 5,050yen+tax
Publisher: Gentosha
Amazon: https://amzn.asia/d/hpqyBHr